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Kate-LynHi, my name is Kate-Lyn Mackenzie. I am the Queensland Representative for the Our Voice focus group called Loud and Clear.

I meet with the other representatives from around Australia and discuss issues that need to be highlighted. I believe in my self, family and friends and I like to support the community.

I like to be valued in the community and to help people find their voice so they have choice and control in their own lives as well.

Loud and Clear assistants and volunteers

Kathy WalkerLoud and Clear Qld also has personal assistants and volunteers who assist the members as required.


Hi, I’m Kathy Walker, Coordinator of Loud and Clear Qld.

My role is to find and develop ways for each member to obtain the necessary social and life skills to become effective communicators and, therefore, effective self advocates. I also find opportunities for the members to engage and connect with, and be valued contributors within, the community. For example, by co-presenting the How to Introduce Yourself and Put Your Best Foot Forward Interactive Workshops.

These peer leadership roles are essential to educate others and drive the change to obtain choice and control in their lives. We also give back by:

  • raising money for worthy charities
  • promoting and attending events such as the Horizon Festival and Nambour Together, and
  • being seen out and about in the community

It is very important with the NDIS approaching that Loud and Clear Qld assists individuals to identify what ‘a good life’ means to them and take the first step towards ‘this good life’.

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