What is On Track?

Spiral Inc is a partner in the On Track Co-operative, along with four other not for profit organisations from Nambour:

Together, our organisations have been working since 2012 to improve coordination of support for individuals with disability and families on the Sunshine Coast.

Individually, Spiral and the other Co-operative members continue to operate independently in our areas of expertise.

Why start On Track?

A lack of collaboration between disability services in the region sparked initial discussions about increasing opportunities and participation for community members.

Now, as a co-operative, On Track supports around 700 individuals and their families at any given time. On Track has also collaborated with other agencies, schools, community groups and education providers while working on projects.

Vision and objectives

On Track’s vision is to strengthen our community through social inclusion and meaningful participation.

Our objectives are:

  • maximise service delivery through collective cost efficiencies, such as bulk buying, shared training, shared event planning and management
  • establish a community hub as a centre for social and learning activities, support, advocacy, information exchange, administration and training
  • build the capacity of the Co-op and member organisations
  • strengthen the community through social inclusion

Community hub

To create a community hub, the Co-operative bought 29 Matthew Street, Nambour, from the Queensland Government in 2014.

Known as Creekside, the building is opposite Quota Park, the children’s adventure playground, the Youth Precinct (skate park), and Petrie Creek.
Creekside is conveniently located in the Nambour central business area, near schools and the transport terminal.

Some facilities and services at Creekside are already operating. When renovations are finished, Creekside will provide physical and social spaces for residents, businesses and community groups:

  • a coffee shop will offer training and employment access a range of hospitality roles
  • onsite services will include social and community programs such as school holiday care, information and referral, and community engagement programs
  • facilities for business will include meeting room hire, commercial kitchen hire, training and seminars, and warehouse space hire

Combined services of the partners

The five partners in the On Track Co-operative provide a range services for individuals with disability and their families, including:

  • Respite services and respite guest houses
  • Accommodation
  • Social and holiday programs
  • After school and vacation care
  • Older care initiatives
  • Information and referral
  • Support and planning
  • Skill enhancement and development
  • Post school services
  • Community access

How can you help?

Become a part of the vibrant community being created at Creekside. Whether you want a coffee or somewhere to hold a meeting, use the facilities at Creekside. Your support provides opportunities to identify unrealised potential in our community.

More information

Contact the On Track Co-operative: