Individual Plans

Pursue your lifestyle choices with a personal and flexible plan. Your plan can include a range of Spiral support services, including workshops, QCCS funded services, social support, and in-home respite services.

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Spiral Workshops

A range of workshops are offered, including drama, music fitness, dance and cooking. The workshops are designed to develop skills such as communication and social settings.

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Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS)

Spiral offers maintenance and support services in your home or local community funded by QCCS:

  • In-home respite services
  • Social support
  • Centre-based services
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Spiral Services 

Spiral provides these services through QCSS funding and DS packages or individuals can purchase services:

  • Community
  • Skill development
  • Social inclusion
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Explore your opportunities. Choose your lifestyle. Discover your potential.

Operating Dates

  • Closure dates
  • Workshop terms
  • Other key dates
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Why choose Spiral 

We support individuals with a disability to build capacity, link into their communities, and access leisure, recreation, learning and vocational opportunities.

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Quality and Accountability

Spiral embraces the philosophy of continuous improvement. We comply with State and Federal disability services standards.

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