Spiral services funded by QCCS

Spiral offers community based services through QCCS (Queensland Community Care Services) funding to support participants to access Spiral workshops as well as other community based classes.

Community based services are:

  • group environment activities (centre based funding), including excursions, tours and classes
  • social support funding enables support for participants to carry out daily living activities such as getting to appointments, shopping and accessing community based programs

As well as developing core skills, these services provide opportunities to build and enable community connections and social inclusion.

Service costs

QCCS funded supports include social support, centre-based and in-house services, which generally have a contribution fee of $20.

Costs vary for those participating in workshops under centre-based services. Read more about Spiral workshops and costs. For other centre-based services, please contact Spiral.


Eligibility for QCCS

To access Queensland Community Care Services (QCCS), you must be a person, or the carer of a person, who:

  • is under 65, or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and
  • has a disability, or a condition which restricts the ability to carry out activities of daily living, and
  • is living in the community, and
  • is having difficulty performing the core activities of daily living due to functional limitations, and
  • is at risk of losing independence without assistance from Community Care.

Core activities of daily living are communication, self-care and mobility.

Core activity tasks include dressing, bathing or showering, preparing meals, house cleaning and using public transport.

Generally, people who receive similar specialist disability services funded through Disability Services are not eligible for Community Care.

Eligibility for Spiral services

Individuals must be:

  • adults between 18 and 65 years
  • eligible for an individual Disability Services Funding package or meet the criteria of Queensland Community Care program (a contribution fee does also apply), and
  • a resident within the boundaries of the Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council, however some limitations apply to rural or remote areas

How to request a service

To request a service:

If you are unable to download this form, please contact Spiral for assistance.

Download our brochure

qccs-brochureOur QCCS brochure (PDF 143KB) is available for download.

If you are unable to download this brochure, please contact Spiral for assistance.

Related information

More information

If you would like to make an enquiry about services, please contact Spiral.