(This feature was published in The Buderim Chronical, Vol 5, No. 22, 17 November 2001)

ColinColin Cowlin is well known to many on Buderim. He often helps local retailers after work or on weekends so his friendly face and warm smile are often seen around town.

This year he also helped with the Buderim Mountain State School’s fete and, more recently, helped Inge Hall, one of the members of the BWMCA’s Street Party committee, with decorating the area around Middy’s for the big party. This included putting up streamers, shifting equipment, and blowing up a lot of balloons!

Colin was born in Sydney, later moving with his family to the Gosford area where he went to Fairhaven School. His parents then decided to move back to Queensland where they settled in the Gold Coast and Colin started work with the Endeavour Foundation. His home was close to Dreamworld, which became his regular haunt on weekends.

He developed a particular fondness for the giant roller coaster ‘The Thunderbolt’ and is very proud of the fact that he as bee on it 2990 times. He can’t read, but has absolutely no difficulty with number! His passion for the roller coaster earned him the special status as ambassador for Dreamworld.

When his parent retired to Buderim, Colin joined the Endeavour Foundation’s paper and cardboard recycling plant in Kunda Park. This year he received a special award in recognition of his 15 years service.

He lives in Buderim at the Foundation’s residential facility with eleven other companions. He really enjoys living there and at holiday-time stays at another Endeavour residential at Dicky Beach. Colin has had to deal with the death of his father a short ago companions frequently at Gloucester House.

Gloria is a professional musician and dancing teacher and taught Colin to dance we he was quite young. With his sister, Fiona, he enjoyed performing on stage at Adventureland near Liverpool NSW. Gloria is the musical director and choreographer for the Independent Theatre at Eumundi and has performed in many BATS productions – she was the choreographer for ‘Me and My Girl’. She has used her talents to teach Colin and his companions to sing at a special performance at the Coolum Civic Centre to promote ‘Light the Night’ and will soon start rehearsals with them for a Christmas program for their family and friends to be performed on December 16.

Colin likes to sing and play guitar. He also enjoys playing tennis and loves all social outings, especially going to the football.