Spiral is committed to valuing communities and individuals.

To enhance the psychological wellbeing and lifestyle of people with disabilities, we enable community participation and inclusion. We develop and facilitate strategies for individual participation in various community settings, functions and activities.


Our advocacy services include:

  • assistance to help people with disabilities choose the lifestyle they want
  • support for families, carers and community members who help people with disabilities
  • strategies to make a positive change to the attitudes and understanding in the community
  • policies to promote and protect the rights of those accessing Spiral services

Loud and Clear Qld

Loud and Clear (Qld) has 15 members with intellectual disability on the Sunshine Coast.

As many members of the group had not previously been given choices in their lives, the initial consultation for setting up the group was challenging. With the support of Parent to Parent, Spiral, other local disability organisations and a very dedicated team of people who worked diligently, Loud and Clear Qld was launched in August 2015.

Loud and Clear Qld is a subcommittee of Our Voice, which is supported by Inclusion Australia.

For more information on Loud and Clear please visit the Loud and Clear Page.

More information

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