Purpose designed and built

Spiral’s centre was purpose-built with high quality facilities to assist and enrich the lives of our clients. The facilities include:

  • sensory room
  • commercial standard kitchen for training, teaching and social functions
  • a dedicated fully equipped arts room
  • general purpose space for indoor activities
  • a multi-media room with internet, computer access, projector, Wii, DVD and TV facilities
  • all accessible bathroom facilities with ceiling hoists and adjustable beds
  • an indoor dining area and a large covered deck for relaxed alfresco dining
  • an edible plants and sensory garden
  • office space for administrative staff

The design of Spiral’s centre gives easy access to our facilities and enables workshops, teaching and administrative support to be located together.

Spiral operates a fleet of vehicles to facilitate community connections and assist with other services. Buses are fully equipped with hoists and safety equipment.

Some of Spiral’s facilities are available for hire. Read more about hiring Spiral facilities.

Sensory room

Our sensory room is designed to give multisensory stimulation therapy for individuals living with disabilities. This includes visual, auditory, tactile, kinaesthetic and olfactory stimulation.

The room features:

  • fibre optics and bubble column
  • vibro-acoustic body pillows
  • a recliner chair
  • a therapy rocker
  • objects for touch and exploration


Depending on individual needs, our sensory room can be used for relaxation, learning, hand and eye co-ordination, and cognitive stimulation.

Therapy in this room:

  • provides pleasure, enjoyment and a calming environment
  • enables a better understanding of the environment and individual self
  • helps individuals to communicate with others

Commercial kitchen and dining areas


Our kitchen is air-conditioned, ventilated and designed for teaching and functions.

The commercial equipment in the kitchen includes a fridge, oven, dishwasher and microwave.

Individuals can attend Garden to Plate workshops in the kitchen and use the two dining areas.

As well as the indoor dining facilities, a relaxed alfresco area has a view over the edible plants garden.

The kitchen and dining areas are the social hub of Spiral’s centre. This large and lively space, creates communities of friends and networks.

indoordining outdoordining

Art Studio

We have many clients who enthusiastically participate in the art workshops.

artsroom3These workshops guide our clients to independently learn skills and do independent creations whilst having fun.

Equipped with tables, chairs, easels and supplies, the arts room is an environment for sharing, collaborating and building relationships with others.

Edible plants and sensory garden

People planting plants in the sensory gardenRaised garden beds, bush tucker plants, native bees and a tadpole pond feature in our edible and sensory garden.

This garden gives enormous pleasure, practical skills and knowledge. Fresh produce and herbs from the garden are:

  • used in the Garden to Plate workshops held in the kitchen, and
  • sold to the community and visitors attending our centre

Our worm farm and compost recycle kitchen scraps and garden waste into fertiliser and rich compost, which are added to the sensory garden.

Hiring our facilities

Some of Spiral’s facilities are available for hire. If you require a venue for events, workshops or functions, read more about facilities for hire.

More information

If you would like more details on our facilities please contact Spiral.