Self worth comes from a feeling of purpose.

Who we are

We are a self-advocacy team called Loud and Clear Qld.

What we do

  • We learn the important life and social skills to become confident, strong self-advocates.
  • We work in a team.
  • We work towards our dreams.
  • We welcome and try new opportunities that come our way.
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We Inspire
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What do we want to achieve in our futures

  • We want to have choice and control in our own lives and be heard. We want to inspire and show others how they can also be heard.
  • We want to give our opinions on issues that affect us. We do this through Inclusion Australia’s ‘Our Voice’.
  • We want to be valued members of our communities and give back.
  • We want to achieve the goals we have set.
  • We want to build a network of friends who will support us when we need them.
  • We just want to enjoy the lives we have chosen for ourselves.
  • We want to live ‘our good life.’

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Why Loud and Clear is different from other advocacy groups

We understand how it feels first hand not to be listened to or given a choice in our own lives, as we all live with an intellectual disability.

How you can contact us