Empowering potential and equality through growth, innovation and community support.

Valuing communities

Partnerships in discovery

  • Developing future focused networks
  • Innovative and creative service delivery

Building community capacity

  • Encouraging education in the wider community

Real outcomes, Quality of Life Framework

  • Fostering opportunities for meaningful and natural life experiences


  • Creating awareness
  • Promoting inclusion
  • Developing relationships
  • Recreation and learning

Multi-use hub

  • Sensory therapeutic room
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Indoor café and alfresco dining area
  • Versatile conference facilities
  • Access to multimedia
Spiral will achieve our goals by providing a holistic support through cooperation, sustainability and being the provider of choice for people on the Sunshine Coast.

Valuing individuals

Personalised Support Framework

  • Person centred planning and support processes
  • Facilitating personal independence and growth
  • Facilitating and strengthening a network of natural relationships and opportunities

Individual plans and goal development

  • Mentoring and facilitation of goals and aspirations
  • Individuals’ plans unique in design and presentation

Self-directed approach

  • Enabling personal autonomy
  • Exercise of choice and control
  • Honouring individuality

Social and Rights Based Model

  • Promoting equality, empowerment and resilience

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