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Spiral Start Stop Movie

This Stop/Start movie was a collaboration from Self Advocates at Spiral and Loud and Clear Qld members.

They worked together as a team, discussing issues, discovering friendships and sharing their stories.

For me personally, it was a pleasure to direct and put all together. I have worked on many productions over the years but the willingness of all to be involved and the professionalism of each actor blew me away.

Their message of ‘Stop doing this to me and Start doing these things” was highlighted perfectly.

If a result like this can be achieved with no budget and time restraints, imagine what could be achieved by these dedicated Self Advocates.

Their message is clear and powerful ‘Treat us like the human beings we are, just like you want to be treated. With respect and dignity’. For people to have real choice or control in their lives this has to happen.

Thank you to Spiral for supporting us and for believing that everyone should have a strong voice. We all want as many people to see this as possible so please share and enjoy.

Kathy Walker (Producer)

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